Searching for Older Adult Perspectives on World AIDS Day

While the theme for World AIDS Day (December 1st) was “Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths,” it seems that many in the mainstream media are focusing on the idea of an “AIDS-free Generation.” For this reason, perhaps it’s not surprising that there wasn’t more about older adults living with the virus in this year’s coverage in the mainstream press. Still, a number of articles have come out recently that we’d love to share with you:

The Brooklyn Rail featured this piece on The Graying of AIDS that explores some of the history of our project and highlights our recent internationally-focused work, while progressive news service interviewed Graying’s Naomi Schegloff for this syndicated article on older adults living with HIV/AIDS, which was also published in Spanish.


Anna Fowlkes, participant in both our domestically focused project, The Graying of AIDS, and our internationally focused project, A Graying Pandemic, was interviewed for an program on baby boomers and HIV. Graying Pandemic participant Ron Swanda was interviewed for this piece on the challenges of aging with HIV/AIDS for web-based medical and health news service Medical Xpress.


SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO OLDER ADULTS LIVING WITH THE VIRUS: offered up this informative and thought-provoking write-up that highlights some of the challenges confronting older adults with HIV/AIDS, while this piece in Instinct Magazine speaks specifically to older gay and bisexual men living with the virus. The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging has been posting a series of brief, informative videos with Lambda Legal’s Natalie Chin that inform older LGBT and/or HIV-positive adults about their rights concerning a variety of issues, including videos on the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act and housing discrimination.STEP 1: ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM:
While ThinkProgress Health cites the graying of the epidemic as one of “Five Huge Advances We’ve Made to Combat the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic,” Rachel Albone of HelpAge International writes eloquently about the disappointment that many felt when the 2012 Global AIDS Epidemic Report released by UNAIDS failed to discuss the experiences of older adults living with HIV/AIDS around the globe. HelpAge International has also released this animated video sharing the stories of three older women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. If you missed this piece written by ACRIA’s Daniel Tietz for The Huffington Post back in late October about both recent progress and on-going challenges facing older adults living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., it’s not too late to get caught up.  And for a great overview of where the larger fight against HIV/AIDS currently stands, you can’t beat this round-up and call to action by Poz’s Regan Hofmann.Finally, in honor of World AIDS Day, we’ve added a number of new photographs and interviews to A Graying Pandemic as part of our on-going efforts to get more older adult perspectives out there – and more stories are coming soon, so check back regularly!