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Recurring Themes – Stigma

Dealing with any illness can be difficult, but the stigma associated with certain diseases can add additional hardship in the form of judgment and social exclusion. Some illnesses are more heavily stigmatized than others; HIV/AIDS has been particularly stigmatized since the beginning of the epidemic.

We made tremendous progress, but we still have a ways to go, and since we’re dealing with such bedrock values and issues around sexuality, sexual activity, drug use, it’s going to be slow to change some of the remaining amounts of the value issues that lead to stigma. —Ronald Johnson, age 58. [...]

Sue Transcript

I’ve been to places like that where people over 50 live. And these ladies, older ladies, say: oh, but he’s so good looking, and he’s so clean. And he’s such a good dancer. Does she ever ask him if he’s ever been tested? No.

The guy that I was so madly in love with lost about fifty pounds. He couldn’t go out dancing all night. We used to go fishing all day, dance all night. And he could hardly walk. I said, "what’s the matter with you?" He wouldn’t say anything. So the doctor called me over and he said, "have you been tested?" [...]

Standing up to Stigma

In honor of World AIDS Day (12/1/10), the website for the AARP Bulletin highlighted the story of Dr. Robert Franke and his family. The multimedia piece (created by Graying of AIDS Project Director Katja Heinemann) and accompanying article explore the challenges the family faced after Dr. Franke decided he was … Read More…

In the News: Canada Facing Similar Struggles, Even With Universal Access to Care

From, the on-line face of The Toronto Star, comes word that many of the same challenges confronting long-term and nursing care providers in the U.S. are taxing providers further north, and many Canadians aging with the virus are struggling with the same pressures and fears facing their American peers, … Read More…