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Recurring Themes – How It Feels

Many diseases and infections affect a specific part of the body, but HIV lives in the immune system and therefore ultimately impacts the whole body. While health care providers are trained to be experts in highly focused areas within the mental and physical health fields, they need to be sensitive to how the lines between their specialties can blur and work closely with other providers to maximize benefits for patients. Coordinating care is critical, as many medications can become dangerous or ineffective when combined. Side effects for medicines addressing physical ailments can include mental health issues like depression, and medications addressing mental health conditions such as depression may include physical symptoms like nausea or fluctuations in weight. [...]

Ronald Transcript

Certainly, since the advent of protease inhibitors and the real progress in antiretroviral medication, the ability to treat HIV infection and slow down the progression to serious illness and death is very real. However, the disparity in being able to reap the benefits to the treatment advances is also very real in the United States, and certainly when one looks at the global epidemic. Health care is still very much a privilege and not a right, so a person’s socio-economic status affects the degree to which he or she has access to the medications. There are racial disparities in health care which make the ability to take advantage of the medications an issue of race. So, the disparities that we have in our society continue to play out in the AIDS epidemic. [...]

In the News: Canada Facing Similar Struggles, Even With Universal Access to Care

From, the on-line face of The Toronto Star, comes word that many of the same challenges confronting long-term and nursing care providers in the U.S. are taxing providers further north, and many Canadians aging with the virus are struggling with the same pressures and fears facing their American peers, … Read More…

Seniors Not Accessing Critical Preventative Health Services

A new report out of the US Department of Health and Human Services Office highlights how few seniors are currently accessing critical preventative health services, with minority seniors even less likely to receive these services. Findings indicate that if seniors received the 20 recommended prevention services (including potentially life-saving screenings … Read More…

International Transgender Day of Remembrance: Care Providers Have a Role to Play

Being transgendered is such a singular experience, how can you adequately explain it to someone who isn’t transgendered?  There is no common frame of reference.  I can go on and on talking about the years of wandering alone in the darkness, searching, lost and confused and the blissful sense of Read More…

Featurette: Institutional Discrimination and the Case of Dr. Franke

“What if there are many other older people, and this is the first wave of them, who are not used to speaking out about anything, and they’ll just quietly pack up their blankets and leave? And I thought, damn, that’s not right.”  —Dr. Robert Franke, Little Rock, AR

When the … Read More…