Project Supporters

We are tremendously grateful to the following for their many forms of generous support.

The extraordinary individuals who shared their stories with our project:
Jackie Anderson, “Apolonia”, Carnetta Best, Robert Brewster, Louis & Rosalia Curbelo, “Dee”, Anna Fowlkes, Ronald Johnson, Larry McKeon, Thomas Jones & Linda Ryals, Bill Rydwels, Sue Saunders

Our exceedingly supportive Advisory Panel.

The following organizations who opened their doors to us and offered their support:
ACRIA, ASPP, Aurora Photos/Aurora Select, Bailey House, Brooklyn Photo Salon, Broward County Health Department, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, The Center on Halsted, the staff and residents of Broadway House, Hispanic Unity of Florida, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, OWEL (Older Women Embracing Life), SAGE NY, TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network)

The following non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses, for their generous in-kind support:
Film Biz Recycling, FUSELOFT, Hecho Inc., Materials for the Arts, Sunshine Photo Lab

The many  editors at Time Magazine, the AARP and MSNBC who have supported Katja’s reporting on the issue of HIV/AIDS in the US over the years:
Meredith Birkett, David Britt-Friedman, Tim Broekema, Maria Bunai, Julia Drapkin, Jessica Earnshaw, Alice Gabriner, MaryAnne Golon, Christine Gorman, Richard Harris, Miranda Harple, Audrie Lawrence, Natalie Matutschovsky, Crary Pullen, Hillary Raskin, Mark Rykoff, Cristina Scalet, Nicole Shea, Feifei Sun, Jessica Taraski, Michael Wichita

And, of course, our friends, families, and allies who have supported this project:
Leo Adamov, Lisa Agate, Sam Albright, Mariana Amatullo, Jose Azél, Julie Parker Benello, Andrew Berends, Stephanie Bernard, Christopher Boardwine, Gideon Boaz, Teri Boyd, Joe Brewster, Yoni Brook, Laura Brownstone, Sylvia Cabus & Mohamed Ahammam, Doug Carson, Andy Chen, Doris Chevron & Jürgen Kalwa, Minnie Cho, David Cohen, James Colgrove, Brenda Lee Curry, Susan DeRiemer, Helkin René Díaz, Natalie Difford, Chris Dinon, Coburn Dukehart, Dwight Dunbar, Rachel Eisner, Wendy Ettinger, Scott Faber & Dana Singiser, Stephen Ferry, Megan Fingleton, Debbie Freisinger, Stan Golden, Edid Gonzalez, Staci Gorden, Scott Hamilton, Catherine Harbour, Lisa Hargus & Konrad Meissner, Michael Heady, Doris & Jürgen Heinemann, Hannah Heinemann, Judith Helfand, Melanie Hoopes, Billy Howard, Owen Hughes, Marquina Iliev-Piselli, Frederick Isasi, Krisanne Johnson, Ed Kashi, Richard Kearns, Stephanie Keith, Amera Khan, Rebecca Krucoff, David Laidler, Marshall Leaman, Anna Lee, Rita Leistner, Jane Lincoln, Jonathan Lopez, Jim McGrath, Ofelia Mangen, Wendy McCaffery, Joe Melillo, Gregorio Millett, Ayala Miranda, Mashid Mohadjerin, Maria Moreno, Jolene Mullins, Corrine Munoz-Plaza, Molly Murphy, Sandra Nydegger, Katherine Ornstein & Phil Noyes, Laird Petersen, Winifred Quinn, Astrid Riecken, Jeff Roberts, Manuel Rodriguez, Amy Rogoway, Gigi Romain, Peter Rosenbaum & Lupus, Barbara Saric, Myra and Emanuel Schegloff, Miriam Schuler, Robert Sember, Allison Shelley, Stephanie Sigg, Krissy Smith, Sara Smith, Paul Spearing, Anh Stack, Laura Sutton, Pete Thompson, Stacy Tolbert, John Trotter, Ellen Umansky, Robert West, Robert E. White and Ruth Donig White, Patricia Williams, Julie Winokur, Yukiko Yamagata, Amy Yenkin, Erica Zeitlin, Blake Zidell, Quito Ziegler and the 222 remarkably generous donors to the 2014 Indiegogo campaign that made our trip to AIDS2014 possible.


This project is supported in part by grants from Chicken & Egg Pictures and the Documentary Photography Project of the Open Society Institute.

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