GMHC’s Sean Cahill on Aging with HIV

GMHC’s Sean Cahill brought the aging of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to the attention of a much wider audience with his recent piece in the Huffington Post. In the piece, entitled “The Long and Winding Road: Growing Older with HIV,” Cahill — the organization’s Managing Director for Public Policy, Research, and Community Health — introduces the reader to three older Americans living with the virus and explores some of the larger issues confronting them, their peers, and the nation as a whole as more and more baby boomers “enter their senior years” with HIV/AIDS. Many of these larger concerns are explored in greater detail in GMHC’s excellent report, Growing Older with the Epidemic: HIV and Aging, available as a free download through the organization’s website. GMHC has been a pioneering provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy since the early days of the epidemic, and we celebrate their work to educate and advocate on behalf of not only older adults but all people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.