HIV 50+ Activist Ed Shaw

Congratulations to Graying of AIDS advisory panel member Ed Shaw, whose lengthy career as an HIV/AIDS educator and activist was recently highlighted in a piece for AARP Bulletin (photograph by our own Katja Heinemann).

The piece highlights Shaw’s journey living with the virus and situates it in the context of the overall aging of the epidemic. It also draws attention to his extensive work in the community, with a particular focus on his role as chair of New York Association on HIV Over Fifty, his intergenerational work, and his recent advocacy work on the state and national levels.

The article includes helpful big-picture insights from a number of people working in the field, including a quote from ACRIA’s Stephen Karpiak, another Graying advisory panel member. Karpiak’s critical ROAH study gathered information on 1,000 older adults living with HIV/AIDS in New York City and helped draw national attention to this demographic trend and its implications. To learn more about Shaw’s work in the field– and the important work of the other extraordinary individuals involved with the Graying of AIDS – go to our advisory panel page.