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Los Doctores Transcript

Louis: She took a chance with me. It’s funny, I’m positive, but I didn’t wanna ask a woman that was negative if they would like to go out with me, because of the rejection that I might get. But then I noticed, I was feeling alone. And when I saw her for the first time, I said you know what? I’m gonna take a chance, I’m gonna ask her.

Rosalia: And I said no. I said, no, but then later on …okay, you can continue...

Louis: …but later on I decided, yeah well, I’m not gonna let that NO stop me, and I waited a week, I think, and I asked again, and she said yes. [...]

Modes of Transmission

Choosing not to have sex or share needles is the most effective way to avoid possible exposure to HIV, but there are other very effective ways to reduce the chances of transmission and increase your chances of staying healthy. [...]


If you find the stories and issues explored in The Graying of AIDS compelling, we urge you to channel your energy, ideas, and other resources into meaningful action. There are many ways you can get involved, both through supporting this project and by working directly to address the challenges … Read More…

Visit The Graying of AIDS exhibit on Governors Island

The Graying of AIDS is thrilled to present our work as part of the fourth annual Governors Island Art Fair, which opened Labor Day weekend and will continue every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through September 25, 2011. The event is presented by 4heads, a New York-based arts group … Read More…

Graying of AIDS installation and projection on Governors Island (pt. 2)

As we continue to think about creative new ways to introduce the issues raised in The Graying of AIDS to diverse audiences, we thought we’d reflect back on some of the highlights of our experience this September as participants in the Governors Island Art Fair.

Our first floor, site-specific installation … Read More…

My Grandma Has AIDS: Annisha’s Story, by Valerie Reeder-Bey and Annisha Monic Wilburn
suggested by Anna Fowlkes

When I was first diagnosed, information about HIV was only provided by medical personnel. However, there was no information about HIV and aging from my health care providers or anyone else. The first information I received was when I participated in a mini-mester at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Age specific data was provided prior to personal stories of six infected persons who were over 50. The statistics made me aware that HIV and aging was a growing problem, and I decided to share what I learned with other older adults. Read More…

Show Some Skin for a Great Cause!

Casting Call for NYC Bus Shelter Campaign

Age Is Not A Condom Age Is Not A Condom


The Graying of AIDS is excited to be working in collaboration with ACRIA on a new NYC-based HIV and aging awareness bus shelter campaign. While previous awareness campaigns have often used professional models or pictured individual older adults, the 2014 “Age is … Read More…

Challenging Stereotypes, One Bus Shelter at a Time (Part 1)

Our Ground-breaking Portrait Series for NYC’s “Age is Not a Condom” Campaign

Two of the eight poster designs that were featured on 30 plus bus shelter locations around New York.

Two of the eight poster designs that were featured on 30 plus bus shelter locations around New York.

Here at The Graying of AIDS we think it’s a problem that we rarely see older adult intimacy in our … Read More…

Challenging Stereotypes, One Bus Shelter at a Time (Part 2)

As we mentioned in our last blog post, earlier this year The Graying of AIDS worked closely with New York City-based AIDS research, education, and advocacy organization ACRIA to create an intimate portrait series of older adults – alone and with “partners” – on “Age is Not a CondomRead More…